List of Scripts with Lovable Rednecks

Wynonna Dingess and Kitty Wunkus, a couple of good ole' gals from the back roads, take off for a vacation to visit Kitty's brother, Tommy Wunkus. They're delighted to find out he's playing bongos in a Mariachi band, along with old friend Bunky Wonky. It's fun and games until those Mariachi tunes turn sour... then it becomes A Vacation to Die for!
5 characters: 3 women, 2 men

In a strange twist of fate, a wanna-be inventor and his cousin run into his cousin's ex-wife's murderer and her mother at a diner hundreds of miles away from their hometown. Throw in a love-triangle, a superstitious cat-lover and a driven politician and it's more than just awkward. It's DEADLY!
5 characters: 3 women, 2 men

The Captain of this chaotic cruise has his hands full! It's an event that promised love was in the cards, but the hot tub isn't working, the speed dating session got cancelled, and bingo and shuffleboard seem to be the highlight of the trip. Join the crew and find out what what's in store for the singles "looking for love." They might find it... or they might not!

5 characters: 3 women, 2 men

Becky Boudreaux is marrying Tommy Wunkus at this hillbilly wedding, complete with camouflage-themed centerpieces, moonshine, and a hillbilly band. And why did Becky choose camouflage for her wedding colors... what exactly is she hiding?
5 characters: 3 women, 2 men

Bunky and Willy Wonky have struck it rich with their "As Seen On TV" Bacon-Waffler, a gadget that turns out perfect Bacon Waffles every time. And with the Bacon craze sweeping the nation, these good ole' boys figure why not come out tonight and buy this restaurant. Only problem is, these good ole' boys from Bobo, Alabama, aren't exactly welcome. It's a hostile turnover in the making during a night full of comedy, mystery, and Redneck Murder!

5 characters: 3 women, 2 men

The carnival is town, and Bunky Wonky, his best friend Tommy Wunkus, Tommy's sister Kitty Wunkus, and Kitty and Tommy's Mama, Mama Wynonna, have spent the day enjoying carnival food, carnival games and carnival rides. It's been a great day, but the new gal they all met and love is trouble, and someone is gonna die!

5 characters: 3 women, 2 men