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Dinner Theater to DIE for!
How This Works
There are a killer number of murder mystery troupes in the world, and maybe you've seen shows from some of them. Or maybe you haven't! But whether you have or haven't experienced murder mystery for dinner theater before, here's how Act4Mystery puts on a public event:

You've made your reservation with Act4Mystery for the show. You show up at the restaurant on show night. You're greeted by either a restaurant server, the stage manager or a cast member and helped to your table. The staff takes your drink and food order and you have a few minutes to socialize.

Next you'll start meeting the characters in the show. They come out and do a quick mingle with you to get you "in the mood" for some deadly comedy.

The rest of the evening is split between eating and seeing the show. The shows are divided into three or four scenes, and depending on the type of meal you're enjoying (3-course, buffet or food bar of some sort) you'll have food, you'll see some of the show, more food, more show, etc. etc. There are plenty of opportunities to socialize and for breaks. You won't be sitting for hours without the opportunity to get up and take care of business, that really would be murder!

At some point, someone is going to DIE! Each table is given a solution sheet and the opportunity to solve. After the final scene, the winner is announced and prizes given.

At the end of the night, your bill will be presented to you. If you've paid a deposit or are using a gift certificate, that amount will be deducted from the bill. All of our public shows accept all the normal forms of payment - Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Cash. Check with the restaurant if you have Discover or another form of payment you'd like to use.

If you have any questions not answered here, please call us at (850) 862-2885, or send an email:

And finally, did I mention you'll have a ton of fun, delicious food and HUNDREDS of laughs on this murderous night out? Join us...
we're to DIE for! -- Paula Hilton