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Dinner Theater to DIE for!
List of 20's, 50's, & 60's Scripts
A sock hop with a twist. Literally.
6 characters: 4 women, 2 men
Dig out those poodle skirts and and roll up your jeans for a Sock Hop that will have you out of your shoes and on the dance floor in no time. And this is no average Sock Hop - with a famous DJ, famous rock 'n roll star, giddy fans, starstruck teachers and a Principal with no principles, it's guaranteed to be a night of fun that will have you howling with laughter! But be careful, the twisting and turning at this sock hop might just turn deadly!
First in the Don Provolone series A meeting of the mob in 1928.
6 characters: 3 women, 3 men
First in the Don Provolone series - Don Provolone orchestrates a meeting at his favorite restaurant with Don Spumoni and Don Cannoli. They've been to the mattresses for awhile, and quite frankly, his back is killing him! He thinks it's time to let bygones be bygones and has come up with a deal they cannot refuse. Or can they? Don't miss out - you'll want to meet these three colorful Don's along with Toni "Two Times" Tortano, Marisa Macaroon, and Olivia Ascolane. Who will come heavy? Who's on the lam? Who's in the wind? And what does that all mean? Join us to find out, but be careful, the mob means business... and the mob means murder!
The mob meets again.
6 characters: 2 women, 4 men
Second in the Don Provolone series - It's 1928, and Smokey "Don" Provolone has decided to widen his horizons, expanding his territory from land to sea. The boat he "secured" would be a perfect location to talk sense into anyone who opposes his plans, if only he could find his sea legs. But the tossing of the boat, the sounds of the waves and the general feel of the ocean is foreign to Smokey, and he can't seem to get a handle on the business at hand. Old friends Noodles Cannoli, Frudee Spumoni and Marisa Macaroon join Smokey, with new acquaintances Soupy Minestrone and Starchy Ciabatta more than eager to join the gang and stay off the gangplank. Don't miss the fun... but remember, this seafaring adventure could end in MURDER!
Happy-go-lucky hippies explain how to Think Tranquil Thoughts.
7 characters: 3 women, 4 men
Meet this happy-go-lucky traveling group of tranquility-seeking, peace-loving, vitamin-selling hippies, and let them share their message of peace and love... along with their own special vitamins! Unfortunately, one of our happy hippies is also a heartbreaker, and before the evening is through, more than a heart will be broken. Get to know Moonglow Luvinleave as she flits and flirts through her group of devoted Moon Heads. Who will win her heart tonight? Rock Steady, Ben Evolence, or their business manager, Stu Undwuri? Find out why Rock's aunt, Tish Fishal, and his cousin Arty Fishal, have such bad vibes towards Moonglow. And why does Kelly Karma's karma go kapoot when she and Moonglow cavort? You'll laugh at the antics of this peace-loving group, but before the night if over, someone will be uttering those solemn words, "Let peace be with you."