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Dinner Theater to DIE for!
List of Holiday-Themed Scripts
An accidental encounter is not only awkward... but deadly!
5 characters: 3 women, 2 men
In a strange twist of fate, a wanna-be inventor and his cousin run into his cousin's ex-wife's murderer and her mother at a diner hundreds of miles away from their hometown. Throw in a love-triangle, a superstitious cat-lover and a driven politician and it's more than just awkward. It's DEADLY! NOTE: This script is written for ANY holiday or special occasion, so can be used for Birthdays, 4th of July, Halloween, etc.
A Christmas cruise.
6 characters: 4 women, 2 men
Second in the Cabin Mystery series - In BEDLAM IN CABIN B, Barbie Duhl's special event turned to disaster when the unexpected happened. Now Nina Colada is left to run the show, and the Christmas party on the cruise ship is the strangest one yet. VJ the Voodoo DJ left that last party with a sour taste in his mouth so changed his life, got a degree in business, and became a day-trader. Captain Stubby finally caved in and married Catrina Cooks. Phonet is tired of the single life. And why is Barbie's cousin, Skipper, so interested in everyone's personal life? You won't want to miss the fun OR the CHAOS ON THE CHRISTMAS CRUISE!
A Candy Valentine Mystery
A party with an un-romantic twist!
6 characters: 3 women, 3 men - Subplot includes adultery
First in the Candy Valentine Mystery series, Hart Breaker is trying to throw the perfect Valentine's Day party for her daughter, Candy. She just can't get any cooperation from her "other" daughter, Coco Puff, her "current" husband, Drew Blood, her "friend," Bill Willkill, or her "brother," Rock Bottoms. Candy isn't impressed with anyone on the guest list and wants to go hang out with her friends instead, but gifts keep arriving from a secret admirer and she can't figure out a way to make her escape. Something has to be done to save this Valentine's Day party... but who will save Candy Valentine?
A Candy Valentine Mystery!
A good deed that comes undone.
6 characters: 3 women, 3 men - Subplot includes adultery
Second in the Candy Valentine Mystery series, Hart Braker, her current husband, Drew Blood, and daughter, Candy Valentine, open their home to Hart's sister, Bubble, and Bubble's friend, Noah, during a night of Valentine chaos that you'll never forget! Don't miss this crazy love-fest during February, the love-month. But be careful... Candy may be sweet, but Candy can be deadly!
A Candy Valentine Mystery
Cupcake Wars with a murderous ending!
6 characters: 3 women, 3 men
Third in the Candy Valentine Mystery series, Candy's new Cupcake shop is open, but her cozy celebration turns into a Cupcake War! Join the fun - hearts are throbbing in this delicious event full of Candy, Cupcakes and MURDER!
A "spooky" Halloween party.
5 characters: 3 women, 2 men - Subplot includes adultery
First in the Crump series - It's Halloween, and Ivana Crump is holding her biggest fundraiser yet - a costume party to raise funds for HOWSA. What's HOWSA? You'll have to ask Ivana. And while it seemed like a pretty good idea at first, she's having second thoughts now that she's found out what's buried underneath the restaurant! Her half-sisters, Iona and Isabella Crump, her ex-husband Conner, and her husband Clark, all agree, and wish this spooky night would end. But before the night is over, the coffin in the corner might turn out to be more than just a creepy decoration!
A Halloween party with a twist.
5 characters: 3 women, 2 men - Subplot includes adultery
Second in the Crump series - Ivana Crump's Halloween fundraiser for HOWSA took a terrible turn for the worse when someone was murdered during the event. But Ivana's an optimist and decides to forge ahead! While waiting for the police to arrive and investigate the mysterious death, she continues the party with the 2nd part of the night, a fundraiser for COWSA! What's COWSA? Ivana's keeping mum until after the silent auction. And while the rest of her guests are all understandably nervous, Ivana thinks she has just what they need to forget the earlier mishap and enjoy the evening at hand. Join Ivana and her family of Crumps during a Halloween celebration that will have you howling!
A corporate executive wreaks havoc at a holiday party.
6 characters: 3 women, 3 men
The CEO of a struggling accounting firm decides to throw a holiday party to boost morale. He also decides to bring in a consultant to streamline and straighten the company out. What he doesn't realize is that those two independent decisions will result in bedlam, havoc and chaos in the middle of wildly performed holiday songs, door prizes and a visit from someone very special in a red Santa suit. Join Tom, Dick and Harry for a holiday party to beat all holiday parties! Happy holidays? Maybe, but stay away from the mistletoe... or that spirited kiss may turn deadly.
The luck of the Irish seems to be missing at this wild Irish event.
5 characters: 3 women, 2 men
Dr. Paddy McFaddey, an expert on "All Things Irish," is ready to unveil some highly-publicized Irish artifacts during tonight's lecture on Ireland. His assistant, Patches McButterpants, is ready, willing, and able, to help him with anything he needs - on and off the job! An unexpected guest disrupts her plans, and the journalist and museum curator who traveled all the way to the United States to cover this event are also in for a surprise. The luck of the Irish doesn't seem to be present at this hilarious event... and what is that hidden underneath the Shamrock?