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Dinner Theater to DIE for!
List of Scripts
with Lots of Singing
A vocal contest turns deadly.
6 characters: 3 women, 3 men
What happens when several "has-beens" decide they're ready for a vocal comeback? This singing contest will have you laughing at their sour notes and old grudges. It may be a less than melodious experience, but it's a medley you'll never forget!
Combining Swinging Singles with Family Fun equals a murderous cruise!
5 characters: 3 women, 2 men
Is it time for a wild, swinging SINGLES vacation on an exotic cruise ship, or a cruise for some good family fun in the sun? Only the Captain knows for sure. Between the chaos and the confusion, all anyone else knows for certain is there's bingo, shuffleboard and dominoes in store, the hot tub has a shallow end for the kiddies, and the only dancing planned is the Chicken Dance. While this sounds like a great time to many, there are some people on board who would like to trade in their bingo card for a session of Speed Dating! Join the crew on this lively cruise that proves love is in cards, even if they are playing Bridge and not Kissing Royals!
Three Diva's clash when they unexpectedly turn up at the same event.
6 characters: 3 women, 3 men
Today's big-name Diva's, Augusta Wind, Marion Haste and Royal Payne, can't stand each other, but love all media attention, and will do ANYTHING to get the attention they crave. So, which Diva will show up tonight to pose for the paparazzi? Join us to find out, along with Don Kashane, their agent, Stan Back, a talented musician and keyboard player, and Rusty Pipes, an enthusiastic guest who can't wait for tonight's entertainment. But if you think all you're going to get is a night of star-packed music, think again, because someone is about to Knock 'Em Dead!
A musical story of widowed friends all seeking love on the rebound.
6 characters: 4 women, 2 men
What happens when a group of friends suddenly, unexpectedly, and mysteriously find themselves widows? What else? They pool their insurance money and buy a restaurant. Tonight is the grand opening of REBOUNDS, and these happy widows can hardly wait to sing and dance their way into your hearts. It's the start of a whole new beginning, and it's also the perfect night to confide in one another about the new love in their lives. Yes, these recent widows decided they'd rather find love on the rebound then no love at all, but be careful... whoever rebounds first, may also be last!
Happy-go-lucky hippies explain how to Think Tranquil Thoughts.
7 characters: 3 women, 4 men
Meet this happy-go-lucky traveling group of tranquility-seeking, peace-loving, vitamin-selling hippies, and let them share their message of peace and love... along with their own special vitamins! Unfortunately, one of our happy hippies is also a heartbreaker, and before the evening is through, more than a heart will be broken. Get to know Moonglow Luvinleave as she flits and flirts through her group of devoted Moon Heads. Who will win her heart tonight? Rock Steady, Ben Evolence, or their business manager, Stu Undwuri? Find out why Rock's aunt, Tish Fishal, and his cousin Arty Fishal, have such bad vibes towards Moonglow. And why does Kelly Karma's karma go kapoot when she and Moonglow cavort? You'll laugh at the antics of this peace-loving group, but before the night if over, someone will be uttering those solemn words, "Let peace be with you."
Unconventional pirates looking for love.
6 characters: 2 women, 4 men
Red Leg the Dreaded and his trusty side-kick Pillage Ann Freebooty return in this fun look at pirates who have left the glamorous life of pirating, and joined the real world in real world jobs. It's been a good change, for the most part, but the truth is, something is lacking, and that something is LOVE! You'll never believe the lengths they go to to find it, but you know in the end, someone is going to DIE!