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Dinner Theater to DIE for!
Special Events FAQs
Here are some Q & A's for individuals and groups thinking about hiring Act4Mystery for a special event:
What is this?
This is murder mystery dinner theater. It is a comedic show combined with a meal and whatever else your evening requires. If you are planning a fundraiser, you might add a silent auction. If you are planning a company holiday party, you might need time for speeches or gift-giving. I will work with you to help put together exactly what you need for your special event.
Is this like the murder mystery game you can buy?
No. In the game you tell your guests ahead of time what character they will be playing, and they arrive in costume and read stuff out loud and "find" clues to figure out "who dunnit." Our event is an actual scripted play, where your guests watch, listen, laugh and try to solve (as teams), while performers put on the show for them. There is audience participation included in all plays, but it's not something you have to prepare for ahead of time unless it's a themed dress-up type of show.
How many people can you perform for?
We have performed for as few as 6 people, and like to keep the size down to under 120. We do not normally wear microphones, but for the larger shows we have small "portable" platforms that we strategically place around the room to aid in seeing and hearing the actors. Our shows are tailored to be certain everyone can see and hear, no matter what the size.
Where do you perform?
In Florida, we have performed in Ft. Walton Beach, Shalimar, Okaloosa Island, Niceville, DeFuniak Springs, Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, Destin, Sandestin, Miramar Beach, Panama City Beach, Grayton Beach, Watercolor, Bonifay, Valparaiso, and Tallahassee. We've also performed in Birmingham, Dothan, Enterprise and Montgomery, Alabama.
What type of facility do you need for a performance?
Anywhere you can serve a meal. My shows have been successfully performed in a variety of locations, including restaurants, cafeterias, auditoriums, church meeting rooms, banquet facilities, conference centers, convention centers, apartments, condominiums, private homes, a yacht, in a tent and on the Buccaneer Pirate Ship in Destin!
How much does it cost?
The cost to hire Act4Mystery is dependent upon the number of guests you are anticipating at your event and the distance we must travel for the performance. If you're interesting in having Act4Mystery perform for your next special event, select "Pricing" under "Hire Us" above for a general quote, then contact me with your specifics and I'll send you a detailed quote.
What does Act4Mystery provide for this fee?
  • Show promotion including online event calendars, press releases, Facebook, Twitter, distribution to my vast email list, and printed materials
  • A comedic murder mystery, written by Paula Hilton, performed by the professional character actors of Act4Mystery
  • Props, costumes, sound effects, and music, as required
  • Handouts containing written clues pertinent to the show, distributed throughout the evening
  • Unique table names, table signs, and table decorations
  • Solution sheets enabling each table to solve the crime as a team
  • Prizes for the winning table
  • Clean up of all Act4Mystery table decorations, handouts and the green room after the performance
What does the client provide to Act4Mystery?
  • A restaurant or performance area
  • Show promotion and reservations (ticket sales)
  • A separate area for actors during the performance ("Green Room")
  • Dinner, at no additional charge to Act4Mystery, either during or after the performance for the Act4Mystery actors and staff (generally 5 to 7 people)
How long will the evening last?
With a cash bar and meal, the evening takes about 3 hours from start to finish, but if you have a time-constraint or need a shorter or longer event, we can accommodate your needs. We are flexible!
Do you have any plays that do not include murder?
Yes. I have several shows without murder but I can't tell you which ones. The others do have a murder (or murders), and are all presented in a comedic style.
Are the plays suitable for all audiences?
The plays contain adult themes. Everything is presented in a comedic style, but in addition to murder, there is often adultery as a sub-plot, and plenty of sexual innuendo. NONE of my plays contain any drug or gang related material, nor is there any "bad" language included in the dialog, but in general, my plays are written for adult entertainment.
Can shows be tailored for specific audiences?
Yes. If requested, I will add specific references for your business, employees, specific people in the company, specific people in the audience, and jokes and references pertinent to your fundraiser or special event. I work with you to obtain the information I need to tailor the shows tastefully, appropriately and comically.
Do you have any special holiday shows?
Yes. I have three Valentine's Day shows, one Irish-themed show (perfect for March), two Halloween shows and two Christmas shows, so far.
Do you have any shows where people can dress up?
Yes. Choose from 20's-style gangsters, 50's-style beboppers, 60's style hippies, hillbillies, Nascar fans, football fanatics, vacationers, and pirates.
Can I combine a murder mystery with a silent auction?
Yes. The silent auction items can be set up prior to the show then bid on during the "cash bar" portion of the evening and during the breaks. One of the actors makes announcements throughout the evening as to when the silent auction is ending. Act4Murder has successfully helped raise thousands and thousands of dollars for various groups by coupling the show with a silent auction.
How much can I expect to raise with this as a fundraiser?
The amount you will raise depends on your ticket price and the number of tickets you sell and if you have other money-raising activities at your event (a silent auction, for example). We have raised between $1,000 and $10,000 here in Northwest Florida for one show. But one of my shows resulted in a net gain of $100,000 several years ago in another part of the country, so anything is possible!
How and when do I pay?
A service agreement will be presented for signature in advance of the performance date. Some events will require a $50 non-refundable deposit, which will be applied to the total cost if the event is not cancelled. If the show does go on, the deposit will be deducted from the total cost. Total payment is due within one week of the performance date, although most pay the night of the show. I accept cash, checks and payments through PayPal, either your own PayPal account or credit or debit cards.
I want to hire you, what do I do?
Once you decide you want Act4Mystery for your next special event, we must get your performance date on the Act4 calendar, select a show, and sign a service agreement. Some shows will require a $50 deposit before an agreement is created. Next, a location must be selected. I can give you suggestions as to places we have performed locally, and give you our guidelines for what does and does not work for murder mystery.
I have other questions that need to be answered!
Act4Mystery phone number is (850) 862-2885, or send an email by CLICKING HERE.