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Dinner Theater to DIE for!
List of Wedding-Themed Scripts
A tyrannical adulterer and his innocent wife renew their wedding vows.
6 characters: 4 women, 2 men - Subplot includes adultery
Join the powerful Toulong family as they renew their wedding vows amongst their strange family and friends. Find out who will bring down the mighty ketchup king, Tye Toulong, and his devoted wife Mary. Discover the truth about Misty, the teary-eyed psychologist. Meet the Toulong's business partners and best friends, Morvin and Veronica Goodfrend. Warm up to Nanny, who will thrill you with her best kept cleaning and cooking tips. But remember, this family has a secret to die for!
A redneck wedding with a jubilant jug band.
5 characters: 3 women, 2 men
Becky Boudreaux is marrying Tommy Wunkus at this hillbilly wedding, complete with camouflage-themed centerpieces, moonshine, and a hillbilly band. The fact that the tongue-tied officiate for the wedding, Bunky Wonky, can't say the words "love," "marriage," "husband," or "wife," might be a problem, but Kitty Wunkus, Tommy's sister, doesn't care because he's the man of her dreams, tongue-tied or not. And Wynonna Dingess, Tommy's step-mother, really doesn't give a hoot what he can or can't do, she'd just like this wedding over with so she can go home. And why did Becky choose camouflage for her wedding colors... what exactly is she hiding?